» Quotes Carry Weight in Legal News Releases

Quotes Carry Weight in Legal News Releases

Posted on: Apr 4, 2011

Law offices with multiple attorneys have an opportunity to give their press releases a little extra credit. By quoting multiple attorneys on a topic, your news appears more creditable and could rank higher in news engines.

When reading good stories in respected newspapers, you generally see more than one quote. If you were interested in a topic and journalists only talked to one person, it would seem as though they did not do their homework and your trust in their ability to report a story would be jeopardized. Treating your law firm’s news releases as news stories will encourage more syndication and thus it is important to also include more than one quote.

If you are writing a press release and your firm has two or more attorneys, get quotes from both. Ask each to comment on the topic at hand and include their comments in the press release to support the overall tone of the story.

When writing news releases in this competitive field, it is often the subtle enhancements that make your news stand out above competing law firms.

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