» Should You Leave Press Release Writing to the Professionals?

Should You Leave Press Release Writing to the Professionals?

Posted on: May 9, 2011

While many law firms produce their own press releases, others leave it to marketing professionals. Is there an advantage?

A law firm that understands the difference between online news releases and traditional wire ready press releases can successfully write optimized press releases. However, if a firm is new to the practice, they should have a writer produce it for them.

News releases are more target audience oriented than traditional press releases. You want your news to be read by someone that will hire your law firm. This requires a slightly warmer tone than something meant to land on a news editor’s desk. At the same time, you want to maintain some traditional rules like avoiding direct conversation with the reader by using “you”, “I”, “we”, etc., outside of a quoted statement.

Perhaps the most valuable benefit to having a press release writer handle your routine news is the assurance that it will get done. Things come up in your law firm and the person on double duty may not have time to keep up the writing routine. However, your news release writer will keep you on schedule.

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