» Press Releases Can Yield Temporary Page One Exposure in Google

Press Releases Can Yield Temporary Page One Exposure in Google

Posted on: Jun 6, 2011

When searching on Google, you may have noticed that the search results page has changed over the last few years. Gone are the days when you typed a search phrase and received a long list of paid and natural website rankings. Today, you have maps, news, images, blogs, social network feeds, and YouTube videos.

You can, of course, use this to your law firm’s advantage. For some search terms, Google will display a box toward the upper mid section of the search results page called “News for SEARCH PHRASE”. When writing this blog, we searched for “New York car accidents”. Three positions down in the natural rankings area of the Google search results page, we found a box titled “News for New York car accidents” with a news article from the Wall Street Journal titled “Elderly pedestrian killed in NYC auto accident”.

The Wall Street Journal is not paying for such placement, they just happened to have a new news story in Google News that was relevant to our search phrase.

Law Firm Newswire has seen clients in various practice areas get their press releases published on the first page of Google through this “News for” box with such popular terms as “trademark law”, “immigration reform”, and personal injury related terms in different cities and states throughout America.

For giant terms like immigration reform, we see readership on a Law Firm Newswire press release sometimes increase by 1,500 readers when the news is featured in the first page “News for” box.

Next week, we will explain how you can increase your chances of being included in the “News for” box by the way you write your law firm’s news releases.

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