» The Printed Word is not Dead, Just Illuminated on the Digital Screen

The Printed Word is not Dead, Just Illuminated on the Digital Screen

Posted on: Jun 14, 2011

Newspapers are looking to survive in a world where information is everywhere. But “information” can not replace true journalism, which is why the New York Times has found considerable success with its iPad application and the Wall Street Journal with its strategy of posting the first few paragraphs of a story on its website and requiring a subscription to access full articles and features.

The future of such publications will of course be online, which is exactly where your law firm’s media focus needs to be. Google News and Yahoo! News receives millions more pageviews than any one of the top three most circulated newspapers.

Your law firm should focus on getting its news out to digital outlets that will pick up your content and get it published quickly. Submitting your content to editorial departments and journalists will more than likely lead to your news never being read by the public. However, by focusing on online media outlets like Google News, you present your message to your target audience through a news medium that is only getting bigger and stronger. Online news.

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