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The Cure for the Summertime News

Posted on: Jul 25, 2011

July is the only month out of the year when every school on a traditional schedule in the United States is out. Families are traveling, offices have various employee vacation schedules to juggle, and the pace of life seems to move a little slower than normal.

Of course, a marketing plan should never sleep, so it is important to keep your law firm in the news even throughout the slower times of year. The best way to do that is through seminars. We have encouraged the use of seminars in the past as ways to get in the news while also marketing your firm. With the approaching new school year, thousands of parents in your community may be horrified as their teenagers are soon to grab the keys to hit the road, and possibly another vehicle. Personal injury lawyers can host seminars for parents and soon-to-be drivers on what to do if involved in an accident. The seminar could be brief (an hour), held in your office, and by itself may bring in new cases.

However, offering the seminar gives a great topic to talk about in a news release. The news release drives traffic to your website, builds inbound links, and positively effects your ranking.

Between your seminar and the news release about your seminar, you can find a cure for the slow summer.

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