» How Newspapers in Other Cities May Help Your Ranking

How Newspapers in Other Cities May Help Your Ranking

Posted on: Aug 22, 2011

When lawyers review Law Firm Newswire’s extensive network, they often ask us how publications in other cities and states are going to help their firm. While a law firm in Massachusetts will see the benefit of having their press release in the Boston Globe on Boston.com, they may wonder why they should be excited about also getting their news published in the San Francisco Chronicle site Sfgate.com, or papers in New York, Dallas, Chicago, and other major metro areas.

The value, of course, is links. When a press release is published on various websites and news outlets, the links to your law firm stay in place. This improves the inbound link population to your law firm’s website.

Also, newspapers and television news affiliates do not just service their local regions anymore. Many of the news sources in Law Firm Newswire’s distribution network (http://www.lawfirmnewswire.com/distribution/) publish their news on a section of their website that focuses on national news and markets. With this, they attract a wider audience. Improving your website ranking in your local area means thinking global about your news distribution and link building.

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