» The Best Legal News Reads Like News

The Best Legal News Reads Like News

Posted on: Aug 2, 2011

Using online news outlets gives your law firm an opportunity to more personally engage your prospective clients. Writing your press releases like news articles will have a greater effect than the predictable rhythmic pattern of a press release.

Here is an example:

Traditional Press Release

Law Office of Smith & Winners Wins $3 Million Toaster Fire Case

The court ruled in favor of Betty Johnson, represented by the Law Office of Smith & Winners. Johnson’s apartment caught fire due to faulty wiring on her Genbrand Toaster.

News Story Press Release

Genbrand to Pay $3 Million for Fire Causing Toaster

When customers walk into a store, they expect to purchase safe products. Unfortunately for Betty Johnson, those expectations were not met when she purchased the Genbrand toaster, which the court ruled was responsible for the apartment fire last November that took away everything she owned and her career…

In the second format, you hook the reader with a title that will attract more searches (in this case, Genbrand), and open the story with a catchy summary. You will have plenty of room in the article to shine the deserving spotlight on (in this case) the Law Office of Smith & Winners but by drafting an article fit for a newspaper, the firm will receive wider syndication and larger readership.

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