» A Compelling Title for a Powerful Press Release

A Compelling Title for a Powerful Press Release

Posted on: Sep 19, 2011

Perhaps the most important element of your law firm’s press release is its title. The title is going to affect placement in Google News, readership in third party news publications that pick it up, and general interest in your article. You certainly want to get it right.

You want to find a nice balance between a keyword rich title and a news friendly title. For example, a title like “Smith & Smith Personal Injury Lawyers Help Victim of Personal Injury Get Compensation for Her Injury” may look like a keyword rich press release but it looks more like spam than an interesting article.

First, think about your target keywords. If Smith & Smith are in Tampa, Florida, they probably want to focus on a keyword like “Tampa Personal Injury”. That is not a problem but the next step requires creating some general interest with the title.

Instead of saying “compensation”, the firm should give a little glimpse of what the case was about. If it was a big judgment, mention the award value. Here is another example:

Tampa Personal Injury Lawyers Win $10 Million Award for House Fire Victim

The number of readers of the press release will be far greater than the original example. And while the firm may be tempted to put their name in the title, when releasing news online it is more important to have a catchy title and introduce the reader to your firm in the news content rather than always have the firm’s name in the title.

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