» Law Firm Newswire Yields the Most Referred Traffic

Law Firm Newswire Yields the Most Referred Traffic

Posted on: Sep 12, 2011

Recently, SEO | Law Firm reviewed the August statistics for all of their legal marketing clients that utilize Law Firm Newswire. While the exact numbers are still being calculated, thus far nearly 98 percent report Lawfirmnewswire.com as the largest referrer of traffic to their law firm’s website.

This does not include the referral traffic coming from third party websites and news sources in Law Firm Newswire’s powerful distribution network.

The study also shows a correlation between press release titles and local regional traffic. News releases that include the city of the law firm in the press releases received more traffic from their local area.

The study reveals how much more valuable Law Firm Newswire is when compared to lawyer directories and online yellow page advertisements. Only one SEO | Law Firm client received more traffic from a lawyer directory than Law Firm Newswire. In that case, the large city law firm received only 39 more visits from the directory than Law Firm Newswire, but the firm only sent out one press release during that cycle. And for one Florida law firm, Law Firm Newswire outperformed their Yellow Book ad 100 visitors to 1.

Overall, the legal marketing company’s report showed what those of us in Law Firm Newswire have been saying for almost a year. To get traffic and new clients, you have to start spreading the news!

To learn about sending legal news, attorney press release distribution, lawyer podcasting, or press release writing, visit LawfirmNewswire.com.



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