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Do not Keep Your Opinions to Yourself

Posted on: Oct 31, 2011

We spend a lot of time going through readership statistics on Lawfirmnewswire.com. We like seeing which press releases get the most traffic to figure out how to repeat this for more clients. Something we have seen time and time again is that opinions bring in traffic.

As a lawyer, you can provide an expert analysis of a popular case that is within your areas of practice. If you are in criminal defense, write a news release outlining your perspective of a celebrity trial or highly publicized case. Immigration attorneys often bring in thousands of readers per release by providing their expert insights (more…)

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Lights, Camera, Press Release!

Posted on: Oct 24, 2011

Many law firms are not aware that their press release does not have to be all words and no play. Press releases with videos can help drive more attention to your news.

Say you have a large case and you want to bring attention to it on a bigger level. You can write a press release and submit it through a video compatible distribution level on Law Firm Newswire. Before doing that, have the lead attorney on the case sit down in front of a camera at the office and reiterate some of the points to be proven in the case.

This (more…)

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National News Brings in More Links

Posted on: Oct 18, 2011

Press releases bring in traffic, give credibility, and exposure to your law firm. They also send valuable hyperlinked keyphrases to your website. This happens through our distribution network and third-party websites that like your story and place it on their site, blog, or social network.

The wider appeal your news release has, the more websites will be interested in publishing it and create links that point back to your law firm’s website. How do you get national appeal?

You can comment on a high-profile case that is nationally known. Or perhaps something is going on in Congress or the U.S. Supreme Court that (more…)

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Regional Titles Help Bring in Local Traffic

Posted on: Oct 10, 2011

Most attorneys focus on one particular city or region or a short list of top cities nearby the firm. To get the most valuable traffic from your press releases, include the targeted city in the title of the release.

Many city-oriented websites pull content from Topix and Google News based on the city name. If you have a press release that is titled “John Smith is a 2011 Super Lawyer” that might miss out on local syndication.

However, if you instead say “Boston Personal Injury Lawyer John Smith is a 2011 Super Lawyer”, you not only get a good keyword in the title (more…)

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What is Going on in Your Area of Practice?

Posted on: Oct 3, 2011

A lot of times, what makes great news is not so much what a law firm is doing but what an attorney thinks about something that is happening within his or her practice area. In fact, press releases that talk about current events in a practice generally convert better than news releases about a firm.

A practice area relates to a targeted group of people – your prospective clients – so sending out a press release with your opinion on something that resonates with them is going to send a message directly to the audience that should read it the most.

To come (more…)

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