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Do not Keep Your Opinions to Yourself

Posted on: Oct 31, 2011

We spend a lot of time going through readership statistics on Lawfirmnewswire.com. We like seeing which press releases get the most traffic to figure out how to repeat this for more clients. Something we have seen time and time again is that opinions bring in traffic.

As a lawyer, you can provide an expert analysis of a popular case that is within your areas of practice. If you are in criminal defense, write a news release outlining your perspective of a celebrity trial or highly publicized case. Immigration attorneys often bring in thousands of readers per release by providing their expert insights on national and state legislation. Corporate attorneys commenting on regulation and legislation also enjoy high readership.
By submitting a press release about your take on a current event, you attract more readers and potential clients and end up getting more links back to your site…which all helps your exposure.

The lesson here – to get more attention for your firm and to get more clients, do not keep your opinions to yourself.

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