» National News Brings in More Links

National News Brings in More Links

Posted on: Oct 18, 2011

Press releases bring in traffic, give credibility, and exposure to your law firm. They also send valuable hyperlinked keyphrases to your website. This happens through our distribution network and third-party websites that like your story and place it on their site, blog, or social network.

The wider appeal your news release has, the more websites will be interested in publishing it and create links that point back to your law firm’s website. How do you get national appeal?

You can comment on a high-profile case that is nationally known. Or perhaps something is going on in Congress or the U.S. Supreme Court that could affect your area of practice or clients in a positive or negative way.

Doing a news release with commentary on national events gives your press release national appeal and can increase the amount of inbound links generated from your Law Firm Newswire release.

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