» What is Going on in Your Area of Practice?

What is Going on in Your Area of Practice?

Posted on: Oct 3, 2011

A lot of times, what makes great news is not so much what a law firm is doing but what an attorney thinks about something that is happening within his or her practice area. In fact, press releases that talk about current events in a practice generally convert better than news releases about a firm.

A practice area relates to a targeted group of people – your prospective clients – so sending out a press release with your opinion on something that resonates with them is going to send a message directly to the audience that should read it the most.

To come up with topics, look to online news outlets, sources or newsletters from your local Bar Association(s). Write about recent high-profile cases related to your areas of practice. Talk about state or federal legislation that may positively or negatively affect your clients. All of these topics provide valuable information to your target audience.

By submitting news releases about current events, cases, and legislation, you provide useful information and build credibility for your law firm.

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