» When Prospective Clients Search for You by Name

When Prospective Clients Search for You by Name

Posted on: Nov 28, 2011

Much of what we do is focused on getting people to find your law firm when searching for a lawyer. However, once they find you, talk to you, and seriously consider hiring your firm, they do a little digging.

Before becoming a client, they are sure to search for your law firm’s name. When they do this, are they going to see a few legal directories or something that shows you are industry leader? Press releases can help make that happen.

When you send out press releases on a network like Law Firm Newswire, your news goes into hundreds of news outlets. Over time, these pages get indexed by Google and these articles on other news sites start appearing in the search engines. When someone Googles your name, they will get a collection of directories but also various news articles that your firm has created.

This makes your firm look more established, more active, and since your firm is controlling the message of these news releases, they place you and your firm in a positive spotlight.

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