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New Opportunities for the New Year

Posted on: Dec 26, 2011

Is your law firm expanding into a new market? Perhaps adding a practice area? Whatever your plans for the approaching New Year are, get the most out of it by writing press releases. Law firms let a lot of great opportunities for exposure slip by when they do not capitalize on new, exciting changes and progressions in their firm by simply submitting a press release.

If you do not have any big plans for 2012, make something happen! Whether you start a newsletter, release a video series, or start a helpful podcast, these are all fairly easy things to do. These actions (more…)

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Is there such a thing as too much news?

Posted on: Dec 12, 2011

Press releases offer inbound links, website traffic, and credibility from having your news on high-end third party websites. A steady stream of news releases from your firm can become a powerful part of your law firm marketing strategy. But can you go too far?

Whether you write too many press releases is determined by how useful the information is that you are providing. If you can come up with six news topics a month and write content rich, valuable news releases that cover news topics related to your practice area from a completely unique perspective, then six press releases will not be (more…)

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Holidays Give New Opportunities for a Good Press Release

Posted on: Dec 5, 2011

The holidays offer a public relations opportunity that should not go unused by your law firm. It is this time of year when many firms round up their staff and do volunteer work. Whether it is a few days working at a free legal clinic to help struggling individuals with basic legal help or something unrelated to law that is for the benefit of the community, these actions can help your firm’s public image.

Unless it is an event that you are hosting and trying to solicit participants, it is best to wait until the event is over to send out a (more…)

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