» Holidays Give New Opportunities for a Good Press Release

Holidays Give New Opportunities for a Good Press Release

Posted on: Dec 5, 2011

The holidays offer a public relations opportunity that should not go unused by your law firm. It is this time of year when many firms round up their staff and do volunteer work. Whether it is a few days working at a free legal clinic to help struggling individuals with basic legal help or something unrelated to law that is for the benefit of the community, these actions can help your firm’s public image.

Unless it is an event that you are hosting and trying to solicit participants, it is best to wait until the event is over to send out a press release. Take plenty of pictures during the event and videos as adding pictures and videos to the press release will help attract more attention.

Aside from possibly attracting new clients, the press releases will help build your law firm’s image when people are searching for you by name. Seeing headlines like “Smith & Smith Volunteer to Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure” or “Smith & Smith Donates 500 Shoes to Local Shelter” shows potential clients that you are active in the community.

So this holiday season, do not let your good deeds go unnoticed. It pays to be involved in your community.

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