» Is there such a thing as too much news?

Is there such a thing as too much news?

Posted on: Dec 12, 2011

Press releases offer inbound links, website traffic, and credibility from having your news on high-end third party websites. A steady stream of news releases from your firm can become a powerful part of your law firm marketing strategy. But can you go too far?

Whether you write too many press releases is determined by how useful the information is that you are providing. If you can come up with six news topics a month and write content rich, valuable news releases that cover news topics related to your practice area from a completely unique perspective, then six press releases will not be too many.

However, if you rehash a bunch of over-published news topics and your press release amounts to commentary on over-reported topics, then you will not only risk being ignored by news publishers (thus limiting the number of links earned from each release) but you will also bore your audience.

When planning an aggressive news-based marketing strategy, ask yourself these two questions:

Is this something my target client base can use?

Is it something they have probably read somewhere else or already know?

The first answer should be yes and second should be no. If that is not the case then move on to another topic. That will make sure you do not overuse the power of news and can also help your firm build a reputation as a source for interesting and helpful information related to your practice area.

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