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There is No I in Press Release

Posted on: Jan 23, 2012

When drafting your first press release, you might be tempted to speak in first person. In doing so, both of these events will happen.

1) Your press release will not be approved by Law Firm Newswire or any other reputable PR service.

2) If it is approved, it will not have credibility.

A great press release focuses on a topic and leans to the attorney as the expert on the topic. The feel and tone of the press release should sound like a third party journalist wrote the article and got a few comments from you, the lawyer. Even though press releases are sent out from the firm, it is picked up by various news sources and indexed in Google News. Not all readers are going to see it on the news release page as some will click it on a third party site expecting a news story.

Deliver your press release like a real news story and see how web traffic and syndication drastically improves. And remember that all first person comments must be contained within quotes.

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