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Not So Lonely at the Top

Posted on: Feb 13, 2012

Sure, press releases drive inbound links to your law firm’s website. Of course they build credibility as people research your firm and see you published on high-end news sites. But a solid news release can do something more…put your firm on top right now.

When a press release is published, you get immediate exposure online in news centers, Topix and more than 220 news distribution outlets and social networks. Since news is ranked on both topic and time relevance, new releases get pushed to the top immediately after release.

What goes up will eventually go down as more news comes out and pushes the releases down in ranking, but they are archived on hundreds of websites for many years in the future. Since press releases come out highly ranked and then drop as they become old news, a bi-weekly or monthly stream of news releases is crucial to keep that targeted traffic flowing into your firm.

Do you know you can get a $45 news distribution on Law Firm Newswire for less than $25/month? Thanks to a partnership with the Bigger Law Firm magazine, you can! See http://www.biggerlawfirm.com.

To learn about sending legal news, attorney press release distribution, lawyer podcasting, or press release writing, visit LawfirmNewswire.com.

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