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Who Reads a Law Firm’s Online Press Release

Posted on: Feb 20, 2012

News releases are important but a lot of firms ask us, “who is going to read my news?”. It is a fair question but it doesn’t have a simple answer.

The audience your press release reaches is going to depend on the topic. When writing an online press release, do so in a way that communicates directly with your prospective clients. Write stories that are interesting to them. Pick topics that relate to their needs. You are not writing to an editor at a newspaper, you are speaking to a potential client.

Law Firm Newswire’s news releases get distributed to 220 news outlets such as the San Francisco Chronicle, The Boston Globe, national news sites like Business Insider, International Business Times, social networks, and Google News.

Google News especially is keyword oriented. By utilizing keywords in the title and body of your news release, you expand the number of people who will find your press release. Through Google News, you can reach people that are searching on Google Search for a lawyer in your practice area.

So, who is going to read your news? Your target audience if you write directly to them.

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