» Multiple Lawyer Quotes Sell Your News

Multiple Lawyer Quotes Sell Your News

Posted on: Mar 12, 2012

In basic terms, the art of making a press release successful comes down to making your law firm’s news sound like third party journalism. Sure, it may go out through Law Firm Newswire but the end user may read it on a third party news site, blog, social network, or in a newsletter related to your practice area. If it sounds like a real news story, it will go further and attract more readers.

To make your news sound more like news and less like a one sided press release, get everyone in your firm involved. Get quotes from other attorneys and staff members. Or, go in with another law firm that you work closely with so that your news piece shows expert commentary from multiple sources.

When writing your piece, think about it as if you were reading it in your local paper, Business Journal, or national paper. The more your press release sounds like journalism, the more credible your news will be, which means it will yield greater results for your firm.

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