» Making Your Press Release Customer Friendly

Making Your Press Release Customer Friendly

Posted on: Apr 9, 2012

Recently, we talked about how submitting press releases to local news publications is a still a valuable way of getting exposure to your law firm. We also recommended that you write a press release differently for a public online release than you would for a newspaper’s editor. Here are some ways to make your press release connect with your target audience.

Make the tone of the press release sound like a news story, not a corporate announcement. By writing the press release like it was drafted by an unaffiliated journalist, you give the article more credibility. Give useful information such as announcements, possibly cite third party publications, and then feature quotes from within your firm.

What makes online news releases so powerful is their ability to be easily syndicated. A press release that sounds like a real news story is more likely to be syndicated (and thus exposed to more readers) than a traditional “announcement” style press release.

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