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Offer a New Perspective to Get High Profile Cases

Posted on: May 21, 2012

When writing a press release about a case that your firm is not involved in, it is important to offer a new perspective. In states where its allowed, lawyers can capitalize on a high profile case by writing a news release about the details and offering their thoughts and comments.

High profile cases are often heavily searched for through both social networks and Google News, so putting information on the web related to such case could send a lot of valuable traffic to your firm’s website.

However, in order for this to be effective you absolutely must offer something new. If your (more…)

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All Events are Press Release Worthy

Posted on: May 14, 2012

Lawyers should not be shy about sending out press releases when they speak. Whether it’s a major media event or a lecture at a community center, anything your law firm does is worthy of media attention.

When you submit a press release, you are distributing it to a network of major news sites, niche legal sites, blogs, Google News and social networks. That provides immediate exposure. However, that press release does not disappear after a couple weeks. It stays online indefinitely.

Say your firm gave a lecture at a community center on senior citizens filing for divorce. Such a niche term wouldn’t (more…)

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