» SEO Value of Press Releases After Recent Google Panda and Penguin Updates

SEO Value of Press Releases After Recent Google Panda and Penguin Updates

Posted on: Jul 30, 2012

Last week, Lisa Buyer wrote an excellent piece on Search Engine Watch titled, “Can the SEO-PR Love Affair Survive After Panda & Penguin?”.

After Google Panda’s release last year, Law Firm Newswire’s parent company, Adviatech, held an idea summit for their key employees at the Tampa Club near their headquarters in Florida. The entire day was filled with exceptional food, wine and discussions about how the Google Panda updates were changing the online marketing world and how they would affect the value of press releases for search engine optimization. The entire team contributed solutions.

It became clear after last year’s updates that news release distribution was no longer about having a press release fully syndicated on 1,000 different websites. It was more important to have a press release picked up by a few powerful websites and read by many.

As Buyer mentions in her article, there was a time when press releases would yield a ton of high page ranking links back to a website with minimal effort. Now, a blast of press releases may not yield thousands of backlinks, but it’s ok because you don’t need thousands of backlinks. Instead, you need a small handful of very high quality links.

After the summit, Law Firm Newswire focused more on getting news releases in front of journalists and editors. We also found new ways to integrate social networking with legal news releases. Press releases help build valuable inbound links to your law firm’s website, but they can also do much more.

A press release on a hot topic can send thousands of visitors to your law firm’s website. By timing press releases around current hot topics, many of our users have heavily capitalized on Law Firm Newswire’s network. For example, one immigration law firm sent out a timely piece relating to the nationwide debate on immigration. The news release sent over 600 visitors to their website in four hours.

Intellectual property lawyers have commented on high profile trademark disputes that have driven valuable visitors to their website. Other lawyers have been asked to comment on major cases for newspapers, blogs and magazines because of commentary they released on Law Firm Newswire.

We are also integrating social profiles with news releases so law firms can get Facebook fans and Twitter followers directly from their press release page.

Online press releases are an important part of search engine optimization. When used correctly and when working with a quality network, they can build some high quality links, deliver targeted web traffic and build your online social presence.

Quality content and a quality network still make a winning team.

To learn about sending legal news, attorney press release distribution, lawyer podcasting, or press release writing, visit LawfirmNewswire.com.

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