» Short vs Long Term Benefits of Press Releases

Short vs Long Term Benefits of Press Releases

Posted on: Jul 23, 2012

Online news releases provide law firms with many benefits, some of which are immediate and some long term.

Short Term

The short term benefit of a press release is that ability to get exposure… right now. As soon as the press release hits the vast network of distributors from social networks, news websites and Google News, your news release can attract an impressive audience of readers and deliver traffic to your website.

Long Term

The long term benefits of a press release outnumber the short. First, with press releases being syndicated to a vast network of websites, your links within those press releases also get syndicated. That means more links back to your site. Content-based link building has been an ethical way to build quality links to your website since the beginning of search engine optimization. Building links via news releases is a great way to improve your ranking.

Credibility is the second long term benefit. As your news release is picked up by major online news websites, it is indexed in the search results. When Googling your law firm’s name, your past news releases will often come up. When someone is considering hiring your firm, he or she is going to search for your name to see what you have done. Your law firm’s name in major news publications will help prove to future clients that you are leader in the field.

Online press releases help drive traffic to your firm’s website today and convert prospects to clients in the future.

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