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Diversify Links in Your Press Releases

Posted on: Aug 27, 2012

Press releases are a great way to build links to your law firm’s website. However, it is now more important than ever to diversify your links after this year’s algorithm changes named Google Penguin.

Google is looking for a diversified link profile. For example, if all of the links are hyperlinked key phrases such as Kansas City personal injury lawyer, then your link profile will appear artificial (and rightfully so). Here are a few tips on diversifying your link profile with press releases:

1) Have a balanced link ratio – The general rule for links is one link per 100 words. In a (more…)

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Using News Releases to Improve Social Following

Posted on: Aug 20, 2012

Online press releases give you the power to place your law firm’s name in hundreds of news sites and on thousands of blogs, speaking directly to your target audience. But the goal of news releases isn’t always about short term lead building. They can also be used to build your social following.

Facebook does not allow you to encourage your page visitors to “Like” you or become a Fan. When changing your Facebook page cover image, you agree to those terms. However, you can certainly give people a reason to “Like” you off of Facebook’s network, and that’s where press releases can (more…)

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Sometimes a Press Release Should Go Global and Local

Posted on: Aug 13, 2012

When commenting on a high profile case or legislation relating to your practice area(s), its best to keep the news release online. Such topics are very popular online and can yield a lot of traffic to your website. But in the hands of your local newspaper’s editor, those types of releases are unlikely to go beyond their trash can.

Sometimes your new releases need to go online and also to your local newspapers and television channels. If your firm is sponsoring an event, hosting a seminar or involved in a local activity, those locally relevant press releases should be sent to your (more…)

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The Value of Pictures in Press Releases

Posted on: Aug 6, 2012

An interesting topic, a newspaper quality press release and proper use of key phrases can yield a lot of visitors and leads for your firm. The focus of a press release is primarily on getting readers from your press release to your website. But adding pictures can get people from search engines and social networks to your press release.

When a picture is included with a press release, Google News will often display that picture next to the listing. Images improve the number of clicks generated by Google News readers.

Another way press releases help deliver exposure to law firms is by social (more…)

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