» Diversify Links in Your Press Releases

Diversify Links in Your Press Releases

Posted on: Aug 27, 2012

Press releases are a great way to build links to your law firm’s website. However, it is now more important than ever to diversify your links after this year’s algorithm changes named Google Penguin.

Google is looking for a diversified link profile. For example, if all of the links are hyperlinked key phrases such as Kansas City personal injury lawyer, then your link profile will appear artificial (and rightfully so). Here are a few tips on diversifying your link profile with press releases:

1) Have a balanced link ratio – The general rule for links is one link per 100 words. In a standard 350 to 400 word press release, you can have three to four links.

2) Link different words – Pick a strong keyword to link (as an example, Houston business attorney). Then hyperlink your law firm’s name. Or hyperlink just “business law” or “corporate law.” Make sure you follow step #3.

3) Link to different pages – If your keyword, law firm name and general terms all link to your home page, you are missing a great opportunity. Link to different pages such as attorney profiles, sub-pages, blog articles and various relevant parts of your law firm’s website.

Diversification in how your website is linked and which sub-pages you are linking to can help you utilize press releases as a link building tool as we move forward beyond one of the most widely felt algorithm changes in Google’s recent history.

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