» Sometimes a Press Release Should Go Global and Local

Sometimes a Press Release Should Go Global and Local

Posted on: Aug 13, 2012

When commenting on a high profile case or legislation relating to your practice area(s), its best to keep the news release online. Such topics are very popular online and can yield a lot of traffic to your website. But in the hands of your local newspaper’s editor, those types of releases are unlikely to go beyond their trash can.

Sometimes your new releases need to go online and also to your local newspapers and television channels. If your firm is sponsoring an event, hosting a seminar or involved in a local activity, those locally relevant press releases should be sent to your area’s television channels, newspapers and neighborhood publications. Since those pieces are of local interest, they are more likely to get picked up than a commentary piece regarding a high profile case.

While not all press releases should go to your local media, all announcements should go online. Since your online news release will reach social networks, Google News and local specific networks like Topix, your news can attract a local audience online.

If you are commenting on something of national interest, submit your news online only. If you are making an announcement of local relevance, submit it online and to local publications.

By utilizing the most relevant media sources, you can maximize the exposure gained from your law firm’s news.

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