» The Value of Pictures in Press Releases

The Value of Pictures in Press Releases

Posted on: Aug 6, 2012

An interesting topic, a newspaper quality press release and proper use of key phrases can yield a lot of visitors and leads for your firm. The focus of a press release is primarily on getting readers from your press release to your website. But adding pictures can get people from search engines and social networks to your press release.

When a picture is included with a press release, Google News will often display that picture next to the listing. Images improve the number of clicks generated by Google News readers.

Another way press releases help deliver exposure to law firms is by social networking. When someone shares your news release on Facebook, Google Plus or Pinterest, these networks pull a picture from source – your press release. Having a picture next to your new releases when shared in a Google Plus circle, a Facebook wall or a Pinterest board will draw more attention.

Sometimes a logo is appropriate; sometimes you should include a professional picture depending on the topic of the press release (like an event-specific shot for releases related to events).

While the content of your news release is crucial, an image can help drive more traffic to your news release, which means more traffic for your website.

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