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Adding Downloadable Documents to Your News Releases

Posted on: Sep 24, 2012

Your law firm’s news should be intriguing and helpful to your target clientèle. But getting people to read your news is also important and media elements can help.

As search engines, social networks, and news aggregates like Google News pick up your press release, they crawl the rest of your news looking for pictures, videos, and even PDFs. You should take advantage of this when writing a press release and think beyond your logo.

Including PDFs can add real value to your press release. Have you written a report related to one of your practice areas? Been included in a major publication like (more…)

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Clients are More Important than News Editors

Posted on: Sep 17, 2012

Traditionally, a press release was written with a newspaper editor in mind. The article had to be about your law firm and something interesting that it had done or was going to do.

Times have changed. Some events, like winning a big case, are newsworthy, and a traditionally styled press release is appropriate to send out to local publications. But an online news release needs to be drafted a little differently.

Online, you are not trying to attract the attention of an editor but rather your target audience. When a potential client is reading your news, they expect it to sound like (more…)

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Always Share Your Press Releases with Your Network

Posted on: Sep 3, 2012

Lawyers share news with internal social networkWhen submitting a press release to a distribution network like Law Firm Newswire, it goes out to many news websites, Google News, Topix, blogs and social networks. However, many law firms do not take advantage of their own distribution network — their social profiles.

After publishing a press release, law firm’s immediately share the link on their Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. Your firm’s friends and colleagues may find it interesting and share it with their network of friends and colleagues, thus enhancing the syndication of your firm’s news.

While a powerful third party network can yield a lot of traffic (more…)

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