» The Press Release is About MY Law Firm

The Press Release is About MY Law Firm

Posted on: Oct 15, 2012

Press releases about law firms can often times get more traffic if the firm puts less emphasis on the firm’s name.

There are two common types of press releases written by law firms. The first, is a release regarding winning a large case or getting a sizable settlement. The second is a release about adding a partner or new attorney to the firm.

When writing press releases about your law firm, you should still emphasize your keywords. For example, your news piece will attract more of an audience if the title says “New York Personal Injury Law Firm Adds Two Attorneys to Queen’s Office” rather than “Smith & Smith Welcomes Two Attorneys to Firm.”

The press release will, of course, mention the law firm name several times within the body, so anyone searching for the firm will find the news piece. What your news release really needs is a way to connect with an audience that may not know your name — which is why, even when the press release is about your firm, your firm’s name should come second to keywords.

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