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Share Case Files with Your Press Releases

Posted on: Dec 31, 2012

Press releases are becoming more media-rich, able to include videos, images, and attachments. You can add value to your law firms press releases with included public cases files.

As part of of new feature built into the simplified Law Firm Newswire submission tool, lawyers can attach a PDF to their news release. This is perfect for firms which have just won a big settlement or a high-profile case. Larger media outlets are going to want to run the case number and details.

By providing that within your press release, you are encouraging traditional media sources to talk to you about your success. (more…)

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Submitting Your Press Release to Multiple Newswires

Posted on: Dec 17, 2012

Submitting the same press release to multiple online newswires may sound like a good idea, but many services are demanding exclusivity. Even if you find a newswire that doesn’t mind sending out duplicate news, is it a good idea?

The value of your press release is in its ability to reach your target audience. If you just post it anywhere and everywhere, it’s not going to be of value to you. Also, keep in mind that where someone reads your press release is going to affect the credibility. If you sent a press release through Law Firm Newswire and someone read it (more…)

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Award Yourself with a Press Release Release About Awards

Posted on: Dec 10, 2012

Some of the most respected lawyers and law firms are given awards by associations, magazines, and charitable organizations. Unfortunately, many of these awards go unreported, because the attorney does not send out a press release.

A press release about an award is a long-term investment in your law firm’s brand. When someone is researching your firm in the future, they will come across your press release, and may even read news about you, rather than or in addition to visiting your website. It’s important that they learn about your industry recognition and prestige.

When given an award, spend a little extra on (more…)

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Expert Commentary is Still News and Lawyers are Experts

Posted on: Dec 3, 2012

Photo by Sebastiaan ter BurgPress releases are not always about “breaking news.” A lot of high-traffic press releases amount to expert commentary. If you pick up or download a newspaper, you will find a mix of journalism, commentary, and the occasional interesting op-ed piece. If you watch TV news, you will find that many stories are accompanied by an expert’s opinion.

Expert commentary is a little more conversational than a traditional press release, which makes it a little easier to read by a wider audience. If you are sending out a commentary-style news release, you need to follow a few rules:

1) Make sure you are commenting (more…)

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