» Submitting Your Press Release to Multiple Newswires

Submitting Your Press Release to Multiple Newswires

Posted on: Dec 17, 2012

Submitting the same press release to multiple online newswires may sound like a good idea, but many services are demanding exclusivity. Even if you find a newswire that doesn’t mind sending out duplicate news, is it a good idea?

The value of your press release is in its ability to reach your target audience. If you just post it anywhere and everywhere, it’s not going to be of value to you. Also, keep in mind that where someone reads your press release is going to affect the credibility. If you sent a press release through Law Firm Newswire and someone read it on their news site via one of their syndicators, like the San Francisco Chronicle or The Boston Globe, that would make your firm look credible. If someone comes across your press release on “Send-us-your-free-promotional-pr-about-anything.com,” they will certainly be have a different first impression.

The best way to send your news is by picking one news distribution partner for each release. Sending everywhere is not as important as being published the right way on the right websites.

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