» A Good Case of the Mondays

A Good Case of the Mondays

Posted on: Jan 14, 2013

Some see Monday as a blank slate and a fresh new start. A good Monday can mean a better, more productive week. Others see it as an uninvited interruption to a perfect weekend.

For press releases, there is no better day than Monday. After reviewing statistics from Law Firm Newswire, it was recently determined that press releases which went out on a Monday received an average of 8% percent more readers than those submitted Tuesday through Friday.

Of course, news happens every day and some topics will trend even on Sunday. Overall, press releases performed best Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Wednesday and Friday showed the weakest performance.

Always an Exception

The exception to the Friday rule was found for personal injury and immigration-related news releases. These topics often attracted the same readership, regardless of the day they were published. News related to business law drops substantially on Thursday and Friday, except intellectual property which also maintains a similar reader count Monday through Friday.

If news is hot, it should go out right away, regardless of the day. But if your news can wait, Monday may deliver the best results.

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