» Press release subtitles increases readership

Press release subtitles increases readership

Posted on: Feb 4, 2013

Titles grab a person’s attention, but the subtitle can commit them to reading the whole story.

Titles are very important. They position your press release in news aggregators, they define the topic of your news, and they can often determine how a press release performs. But the subtitle is where you make a reader not just interested, but actually excited about the story.

Build your press release on three levels.

Level 1, the TitleYou are going to think this is interesting. The title states something of interest that will grab someone’s attention.

Level 2, the Subtitle This is why this is interesting. The reader agrees that your topic is interesting and now wants to know a little bit more. Encourage them to read the whole story by giving a little more information than is in the title, but not the full details.

Level 3, the BodyThis is what is in interesting. Now you deliver. The title and subtitle are, in a way, promises made to the reader. You want to make sure that those promises are met in the body of the press release. If you promise something huge in the title and deliver a mediocre story, the reader will feel cheated. However, if you say something is interesting, then convince them that they want to know what exactly is interesting, and then prove in the story that is is really interesting, the reader is more likely to share your press release.

Think about the subtitle as a way to convert someone with passing interest in your topic to a full reader of your press release.

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