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Should you cite third parties in press releases?

Posted on: Mar 25, 2013

Some of our users at Law Firm Newswire have recently asked about citing third parties. Is it a good idea? Sometimes.

If your press release is about a case you are involved in and a third party source backs up your claim, this could be appropriate. For example, if you have representing a client that was injured at a dangerous intersection, you could link to a story written by a local newspaper that talks about the dangers of that intersection.

However, you should avoid linking to competing law firms or other businesses that are not related to your press release.

If a third (more…)

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Large Images Make Big News

Posted on: Mar 11, 2013

News aggregates like Google News are seeing a decline in readership as they have lost market shares to mobile news aggregates. These mobile aggregates aim to provide a magazine feel for readers using tablets.

Aside from changing the way people read your news, these aggregates are trying to change the way your news looks. Their goal to make online news look like magazine articles means that they are requiring large images to be part of your press release.

Take some high resolution photos of your attorneys and office to include with future press releases. Doing so will increase your opportunities for (more…)

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Substance matters over length

Posted on: Mar 4, 2013

long press releasesA press release need to have a few hundred words to substantiate itself as an informative story. Also, news aggregators like Google News tend to reward longer stories with higher placement. So should you pad your press release with words to make the story longer?

No. Substance still comes first. It is true that law firms’ that post long (over 600 words) press releases on Law Firm Newswire enjoy about 25 percent more readers than shorter press releases in the same category. But the other value of press releases is syndication. So, value must come first.

Syndicators are not as interested in word (more…)

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