» Giving news titles the sound of news

Giving news titles the sound of news

Posted on: Apr 8, 2013

Newspaper console - Photo by Peterqherman - Creative CommonsEvery report shows that press releases written like a news story gain more traction, attract more readers, and yield better results than those written like a traditional press release. So how do you make a press release sound like news?

It all starts with a title that tells a story. If a personal injury lawyer is giving a lecture to high school students who are about to hit the road with new, inexperienced licenses, a traditional press release title might look like this:

Attorney John Smith to speak at Kennedy High School April 25th

A news story title would look like this:

Teen Drivers at Kennedy High School Get Introduction to Safe Driving from Accident Attorney John Smith

Aside from sounding more like news and less like a self-serving press release, the second title also has the keywords “accident attorney,” and the really popular key phrase “teen drivers.”

With a strong title and a release that looks more like an newspaper article and less like a boiler plate press release, law firms can have their news spread further, which means more exposure.

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