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Headline vs Full Story Syndication

Posted on: Apr 1, 2013

When a press release is broadcasted to various websites and networks, it is syndicated in two ways.

Headlines – Headline syndication is the most popular, because it allows websites to display current news without using too many resources or needing to archive content on their website. Generally, a headline and story summary will be displayed for a period of time. Aggregates like Google News and Topix are both headline syndicators, as they only display a press release title and excerpt from the article.

Full Story Syndication – Fully story syndicators are news websites like CBSNews.com, SFGate.com, and other news sites. They display the full text of the story, keeping readers on their website rather than forcing them to click on a headline and go to the story source. For this sites, the value is in keeping an audience on their site and exposed to the advertisers. Larger news organizations generally prefer to be full story syndicators, as they have infinite storage and server resources and focus heavily on getting and retaining readers on their website.

Both syndicators increase exposure to your law firm, help your press release reach a wide audience, and play an important role in the distribution of your firm’s news.

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