» Shine Some Light on Your Law Firm Name

Shine Some Light on Your Law Firm Name

Posted on: May 28, 2013

Shine light on law firmGetting a few links from your press release is helpful, but with new changes in the way Google determines relevance, mentioning your law firm name may do a lot to improve your ranking.

In the past, Google looked to hyper-linked keyphrases to determine the relevance of a website (they still do, to some degree). Therefore, to improve your position, you may have used press releases as a vehicle to drive links from third-party sites back to your law firm’s site. But as outlined this week on SEO | Law Firm, Google can determine the relevance of a brand without needing a hard-coded link.

The next time you submit a press release on Law Firm Newswire, clearly state your law firm’s name within the body of the news release. Of course, you should still use keywords when they naturally fit within the topic of the article, but make an effort to focus on your law firm name.

By focusing on a topic that is interesting and informative and that relates to your law firm’s name, you can get more results from your press release.

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