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Format Phone Numbers in Press Releases for Mobile Readers

Posted on: Jul 29, 2013

Mobile RSSWhen your law firm publishes a press release, linking to your website is usually a high priority. But many law firms forget to add an important item — their phone number.

The phone number is very important because many news release readers are going to be using their mobile devices to read your story. Most popular devices allow users to tap on a phone number to instigate a call. If the number isn’t in the release or if it isn’t formatted correctly, you could miss out on calls.

To format a phone number to make it mobile-friendly, make sure it looks like one (more…)

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Attaching Attachments to Your News

Posted on: Jul 22, 2013

paper clip collage on whiteThe great benefit of online press releases is that they are more than a story, they can be interactive. When submitting a news release, submit attachments, images and associated media which allows your readers to learn more.

For example, a press release related to your law firm could be distributed with a brochure. To get even more attention, you could attach a free ebook to your press release.

Press releases with images, videos, and PDF attachments often enjoy more exposure and get syndicated by more websites than text-only press releases.

Plus, PDF attachments are now supported on Law Firm Newswire’s entry-level “Optimized” press (more…)

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Drawing attention to your press release

Posted on: Jul 8, 2013

Draw AttentionThe best press releases are read by many and picked up by numerous publishers. To make this happen, you need to write useful news pieces with a widely-targeted topic of interest.

Aside from the topic, how well your press release performs is going to be determined by some keyword placement, timing, and formatting.

First, the title plays a very important role in syndication. Many news sources which automate their headline publishing do so through keywords. They may look to Google News or Topix for certain topics and if your keywords are not included in the title, you may miss out on these (more…)

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