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Link to Your Press Release

Posted on: Aug 27, 2013

SyndicationYour law firm’s press release should never go on your website before getting distributed through a legal news distribution service. If Google News sees your press release on your website first, they will not pick it up when Law Firm Newswire or any other news publisher distributes your release.

This leads to a second issue, which is publishing your press release on your website. If you publish a press release on your website after it is distributed, you are essentially posting duplicate content. Sure, it’s your content, but Google saw it on your distributors page first.

To get full syndication and to avoid (more…)

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Google Alerts will Help You Discover Interesting News Topics

Posted on: Aug 12, 2013

Thinker Thought Cloud Information Words News MessageWhen writing press releases, focus on timely topics that are interesting. Traditional press releases are neither interesting nor exciting for your target audience and really are not fit for internet distribution. An online news release is going directly to your target audience to be accepted like a news story. Therefore, you should write a news article that speaks directly to your target audience.

So, what is interesting? That depends on the day. Subscribe to Google Alerts for keywords that relate to your practice area. Google will email a list of new websites, blogs, and news stories that relate to your practice area. (more…)

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Citations not links should be the focus of news releases

Posted on: Aug 6, 2013

Social share press releasesGoogle has updated their link policy to indicate that press releases should no longer use optimized links. An optimized link, by their definition, is a keyphrase that is anything but the actual URL of your website.

While keyword-rich links are no longer advised, press releases still have a lot to offer by yielding citations. A citation is when Google sees your business name, as registered with Google+ Local, on other pages.

Mentioning your law firm’s name in a press release that gets heavily syndicated will now yield more of a result than hyperlinking your most prized keyword. Ultimately, this frees you from (more…)

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