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Link to Your Press Release

Posted on: Aug 27, 2013

SyndicationYour law firm’s press release should never go on your website before getting distributed through a legal news distribution service. If Google News sees your press release on your website first, they will not pick it up when Law Firm Newswire or any other news publisher distributes your release.

This leads to a second issue, which is publishing your press release on your website. If you publish a press release on your website after it is distributed, you are essentially posting duplicate content. Sure, it’s your content, but Google saw it on your distributors page first.

To get full syndication and to avoid being penalties for duplicate copy, follow these instructions:

1) Always post your press release with a news distributor first.

2) On your law firm’s website, link to your press release on Law Firm Newswire, rather than publishing the full copy.

3) If you do publish the full copy on your site, do so on a page or directory that tells Google not to index it. It is okay to publish duplicate content on your site, as long as you tell Google not to index that content via your robots.txt file.

By following these steps, you can insure maximum distribution and avoid harming your website with your press release.

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