» Shorten Keyphrases in Press Release Titles

Shorten Keyphrases in Press Release Titles

Posted on: Sep 16, 2013

LFN_impact_press_release_lawyersAs news aggregators get smarter, press release titles can revert back to a more traditional format. In the recent past, a family law attorney in Boston, MA, may have used “Boston divorce lawyer” in the title of a news release, but new changes in Google are making this practice obsolete.

As Google looks at the number of times your company name is mentioned on other sites (citations) and discourages hyper-linking keyphrases within news releases, your company name is now more important than keyword usage. Also, the contact information and dateline will position the release for your city and state without placing it in the title.

To get the most traffic and SEO benefit out of your news releases, use non-regional specific keywords (i.e., “divorce lawyer” rather than “Boston divorce lawyer”) in your title and always include your law firm’s name.

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