» Headlines are most widely syndicated

Headlines are most widely syndicated

Posted on: Oct 22, 2013

Headline Big AnnouncementPress release distribution depends on various third-party networks to drive readers to your news. However, the types of distribution vary from publisher to publisher. For example, some publishers pick up your full news releases, while others pick up headlines. Some may even distribute your news direct to their subscribers through email or print distribution.

What we have found when reviewing statistics on Law Firm Newswire is that headlines get the most attention. A press release may get syndicated 500-1,000 times. But a headline can often get picked up by over 5,000 publishers, depending on the topic. While classified as “headline publishers,” they rarely just pick up your headline. Most of these publishers will show your headline and the first 200 characters of your news release. The headline usually links to the main news source.

Knowing that your headline is going to get the most exposure, its important to give your news a catchy and interesting title to bring readers to the full news release. An interesting headline gets more exposure and can deliver more readers.

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