» What parts of your press release are people reading?

What parts of your press release are people reading?

Posted on: Nov 4, 2013

Scrollmap_BLF_LFN_BLOGScrollmaps display a visual recording of the length of time a reader spends on various sections of a page. For example, where readers spend most of their time is reflected by white, yellow and red. Areas in which readers spend minimal amounts of time are blue and black with green showing some interest in the middle.

To see what parts of a press release viewers spend the most time reading, we got permission from our friends at the Bigger Law Firm magazine to install a scrollmap tool on their Oct. 21 press release announcing the newest issue of their publication.

Here is what we found:

  • Headlines are popular but not the most popular section of the page.
  • Readers spend some time on the headline and first paragraph but more readers jump to the second paragraph.
  • Readers are inclined to skim the fourth and fifth paragraphs and advance to the end.
  • The most popular sections of a press release are the contact information and social widgets.

The information in the last item is an interesting discovery. With many people skimming the press release, it appears almost all readers look at the source. Plus, on Premium press releases, we see a lot of interest in the social widgets. Currently, Law Firm Newswire supports a Google+ and Facebook widget embedded in the Premium level releases.

The embedded website also gets attention towards the top of the page, but users are not inclined to scroll down.

This is certainly the first of many reports to be conducted on reader behavior. Use the scrollmap below as a guide for drafting your next news release to get optimal results.




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