» A Quick and Easy Guide to Placing Images in Your News Releases

A Quick and Easy Guide to Placing Images in Your News Releases

Posted on: Dec 18, 2013

LFN PhotosMost people know that featuring images in a news release can help attract search engines. It is an excellent general strategy, but take care with the images you choose. If you run afoul of the copyright laws on any image you could face serious fines for copyright infringement.

If you do not have a license for an image you could face harsh legal consequences. Ensure that you save the paperwork to prove that your license is updated and valid for the purpose you are using it. This should include proof that you renewed your image licenses if they have ever expired.

When you embed an image into your news release, make sure to optimize it for search engines. Name the image in a clear, descriptive manner based but don’t stuff keywords into the image tag. Ensure that your release offers the image a helpful, clarifying caption.

You can think outside the box to create visually intriguing news releases. For example, consider a Pinterest news release (or PinRelease) to attract attention from your potential clients. Pinterest draws over four million visitors every day, making it a powerful and highly visual platform for news releases. Your news releases do not need to be one-dimensional. Instead, aim to offer readers interactive, stimulating experiences.

The latest technology can help you to market your law firm. Use social media to keep your audience informed on topics of interest to them; social media audiences now include consumers, editors, bloggers, reporters and a public in need of legal assistance. If a potential client can “see” what you do across the web, your firm will be far more appealing and approachable than if he or she had simply read about it.

Social media change so quickly that an innovative solution (like a PinRelease) can build a critical bridge between old and new ways of connecting with clients. Many are easy to create without a designer’s aid. Use your own images, blended with safely-licensed ones, to tell your story visually. Remember to tag all your images with specific names and to link them back to your law firm’s website, inviting your potential clients to learn even more.

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