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Google+ Authorship is Coming to LFN

Posted on: Jan 29, 2014

SyndicationMany law firms believe that Google+ is just one more social media platform to entertain. But with the current marketing drive behind Google+, the service is becoming virtually inseparable from Google’s search engine. In other words, you need both the search engine and Google+ to make an impact on Google as a whole.

Your Google+ profile is your identity as a law firm. Google+ Authorship is your signature. It links your identity (profile) to the content that you or your lawyers publish online.

Google+ Authorship has significant potential to drive more traffic to your profile and to increase the visibility of your law firm. Make sure that you prepare a headshot before participating in Authorship. That one personal touch will help you reach more potential clients. Promote your firm by linking your Google+ profile to the content you create. It’s a good marketing tool for busy lawyers.

What you need for Google+ Authorship:

  • A Google+ profile
  • A good headshot
  • An understanding of the way content appears in search engines
  • Linked content that you have published on a specific domain (such as www.XYZLaw.com)
  • A clearly recognizable byline that matches your Google+ profile. It should include your name (or firm name) on every page of content (e.g. “by Darin Digle, JD”) and a verifiable email address on the same domain as your content.

To assist our clients in promoting their firms in the most effective and efficient way possible, Google+ Authorship is coming soon to LFN. This new offering will allow your Google Authorship profile to be displayed next to your press releases when they appear in Google’s search results.

When you contribute to multiple quality sites, the quality perception of your Authorship profile (and the content with which it connects) improves.

Google+ Authorship display is just one more way that Law Firm Newswire ensures that we have the most powerful network in legal news.

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