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Use the Ampersand

Posted on: Jan 22, 2014

LFN_amperThis week, we take a look at a wild rollercoaster of a character: the ampersand. Many law firms use an ampersand in place of “and” in the firm’s business name. However, if your law firm is inconsistent in your usage, you may be missing out on some local SEO benefits.

When you submit a press release, it restates your business name, address and phone number on multiple websites. It’s one of the greatest benefits of press releases, and it may especially help your local search ranking. But if your law firm’s name is Burns & Smithers, your Google+ Local page says Burns & Smithers, your website says Burns & Smithers, but your press release says “Burns and Smithers,” you miss a chance to reinforce the information users could find through that Google+ Local profile.

Ampersands in titles of press releases will not cause any formatting issues, nor will they hinder your ability to review reports (concerns cited by some lawyers in the past). Therefore, if your law firm is one of the many that invites the ampersand to stand among your law firm’s most distinguished partners, make sure it comes along for the ride in your next press release.

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