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Make Your News About the Readers

Posted on: Feb 4, 2014

ReaderYour law firm wants to ensure that its marketing dollars are being employed to reach as many people as possible. A lot of money goes into relevant, quality links and intelligent search engine optimization (SEO). Every person who reads an entry on your firm’s website is a potential client. So, how can you best turn those readers into viable clients?

The answer isn’t fancy. Law firm marketing is as much (if not more) about quality content as it is about the SEO and link structure that surrounds it. The more interesting your writing, the more readers will be drawn to it.

Google’s algorithms are changing again, and quality content should be at the forefront of any marketing effort. Even with the slickest links and newest SEO practices, your firm may see poor conversion rates and Google result placement without content that captures a reader’s attention. Marketing strategy is always valuable, but it is only truly powerful for site content, blogs, articles and news releases that offer readers thoughtful insight.

Interesting news release stories attract readers; interested readers return to your site to see what else you have to offer. Offer a great read, and your interested audience is likely to call your law firm on the day they find themselves in need of legal advice.

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