» Where do your press release readers come from? Social networks.

Where do your press release readers come from? Social networks.

Posted on: Mar 7, 2014

Lawyers share news with internal social networkSocial media has an enormous impact on the way we do business and communicate with others. This is even true for attorneys, who primarily communicate with their potential clients through news releases.

The readers we see at LFN arrive from a variety of sources. These include headline publishers (e.g. Topix), news aggregates (e.g. Google News), social networks and other websites that direct readers to Google News.

We have discovered that, by a ratio of three to one, social networks delivered more traffic to LFN news releases than Google News in 2013. In addition, publishers who displayed headlines originating from RSS feeds from Google News collectively out-performed social networks and direct Google News connections.

Headline publishers display headlines and summaries of news releases through an RSS feed. When a headline is displayed, visitors click to read the full story. Other sources, include social networks, require a user to click to reach the original post on LFN or to navigate through Google News. By contrast, full-story content syndicators present a complete story without a user clicking on anything.

Once at Google News, visitors may choose various news sections (legal, sports, business) to browse or customize their experience and results. On subscription, a reader gets regular updates with summaries of relevant articles and links to full stories. Subscribers do need a feed reader.

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